1. Definition:

(i) Applicant/Customer/Common Customer means Serving/Retired Central Government Employees.

(ii) Family means spouse/dependent family member of Government servant.

(iii) Guest means persons other than mentioned at sub para (ii) above.

(iv) Booking means granting permission to applicants/visitors vide Confirmation Slip by Directorate of Estates for occupying rooms/suits of holiday homes/touring officers hostels for specified period subject to authentication of personal details appearing in Confirmation Slip by administrative office of the applicants.

2. Eligibility for booking:(All applicants mentioned at para 1)

(i) will be eligible for guest houses for themselves and their spouse/dependent family members and guests.

3. Time Limit for Online Booking.

(i) Serving Central Government employees can book accommodation 07 (seven) days in advance from the Check-in-date.

(ii) Retired Central Govt. Employees can book 07 (seven) days in advance from the Check-in-date.

4. Priority in Booking:

Booking will be made through automated online system primarily on 'first-come first-serve' basis subject to fulfilment of prescribed eligibility, time limit and payment of booking charges, etc.

5. Submission of online application:

Applicants will fill up all fields of online application. They have to upload a colour passport photo, a copy of ID Card issued by their present employers and in case of retired employee, a copy of PPO or Pensioner ID Card. Mandatory filed including applicants' Permanent Account Number (PAN), Aadhar Card Number, Date of Birth, Personal Mobile No., Office Telephone No, etc. will not be left blank.

Fraudulent Booking:(Only eligible applicants are entitled for booking of holiday guest houses. In case of fraudulent booking, following action will be taken:)

(i) Booking will be invalid and visitors will not be allowed to enter in the guest houses.

(ii) Booking charges will be forfeited and three times of booking amount will be levied as penalties from the applicants/visitors.

(iii)FIR will be lodged under relevant penal provisions of IPC. (Fraudulent booking means wrong information provided by the applicant intentionally).

Check-out time:(11 AM and Check-in time: 12:00 noon. However, to avoid)

inconvenience to the visitors who reach the destination early in the morning after night journeys, the occupants are advised to vacate the rooms at the earliest on the last day of stay.

Right to Admission:

The entry to the Guest Houses will be strictly on production of valid Identity Card/PAN Card issued by the Government and the attested/verified details mentioned in the application form and confirmation letter by the concerned administrative office. Entry to guest house will be allowed only after depositing/submission of valid booking slip/authority slip along with verified application form and production of Identity Card.

Booking is not transferable:

Because of security considerations, the entry to the Guest house will be restricted to the person whose name appears on the booking slip and his/her dependent family members & guests. The caretaking staff is authorized to disallow provision of accommodation if the applicant is not present physically at the time of checking in, even though he is carrying the confirmation slip. Likewise the entry of the additional persons accompanying the authorized visitor can also be refused.