To handle work related to Anna International Passenger Terminal (24x7 basis), Unaccompanied Baggage (Air), Postal Appraising Department, Courier Terminal (24x7 basis), and Airport Security Gates (24x7 basis).

Rajan ChaudharyCOMMISSIONERAirport540 PS/PA 50222560012, 22561407(FAX)
S. Eswar ReddyJCAIU, Airport Warehouse, Disposal, Courier Cell, PAD,  UB, Sevottam, R & I, UCC, CIU, Airport Admin, Airport Batch, Preventive Refunds, Preventive Adjudication, CAU, Rewards, Appraising main, RTI 590 PS/PA 57922560087,22561506(FAX),
R. HariharanACAirport Batch, Systems (e-BR and ATHITHI etc)22566199, 22566139, 8745019024
Jose VargheseACAirport Batch22566199, 9840063618
V. DuraikannuACAirport Batch
22566199, SDO-22566137, 9840126866
V. AnburajuACAirport Batch
22566199, 9444187616
N C AshokACAIU & Airport Admin 22566066, 22566134(FAX), 9844048602
Magimai Arockiaraj AACAIU & Airport Admin22566066, 7639656820
Ashok KumarACWarehouse & Disposal, AIU, Appg. Main, Adjudication & CAU, Refunds, Legal & Prev. Cell, RRU, Hindi Cell, CPIO/RTI22566066, 22569575, 9820747508
P. BalasubramanianACCourier, PAD, UB, RSI & Narcotics, Prosecution, Cofeposa, Rewards626

22569626, 22560133(UB), 22560833(Courier), 9443034820

Anandhi KananCAO
53922569539, 9840771863