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Import cargo landed at other Indian Customs Airports brought to Chennai for other inland destinations.


Import cargo directly landed at Chennai by foreign flights and meant for transshipment to other Indian Customs Airports.


Import cargo brought to Chennai and meant for transshipment out of India to foreign destinations.


Export cargo emanating from other Indian ports and brought to Gateway Port of Chennai for shipment outside India.This type of cargo has also been included under this heading to have a greater control over movement of such cargo.


The Airlines desiring to transship the above cargo will present the transshipment application in triplicate alongwith copies of Airway Bill both Master copy and House Airway Bill wherever applicable to the Superintendent in-charge of transshipment section.The transshipment application will contain the following details:

1. Name and address of the importer
2. Name and address of the exporter
3. Airport of origin
4. Airport of destination
5. Flight no. & date
6. Import Manifest No. and date
7. Description of the goods
8. Number of packages
9. Weight

Flight No./Date on which the consignment is to be onward carried.

A fee of Rs.20/- in respect of each application for transshipment of import goods will be collected by way of either affixing Customs Revenue stamp or paying under Misc.Bill (Authority Para 5 in Annexure “J”).

The airlines who are applying for transshipment will have to execute a bond or a running bond on Rs.40/- Stamp Paper for a specified amount before the Assistant Commissioner (Transshipment) undertaking to produce a certificate from the jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of Customs or Central Excise as the case may be within 15 days or such extended period to the A.C.(Transshipment) to the effect that the transshipment cargo has been duly received at their end. Thereafter the Bond will be closed. Deputy Office Superintendent of Transshipment Section will maintain a separate bond register.

After approval of the Transshipment application by the Assistant Commissioner (Transshipment), the Superintendent will nominate a Preventive Officer (P.O.) under his charge, who will take custody of the goods to be transshipped from the A.A.I., escort the same to the Aircraft by which the goods are intended to be transshipped. After placement of the cargo on board the aircraft, the Escort Officer will affix his signature on the duplicate copy of the Transshipment Application in token of having placed the cargo on board, and obtain the signature of the receiving authority i.e. the airlines for having received the cargo. The Escort Officer will obtain an export manifest prepared by the airlines, which would show the details of the transshipment cargo. Thereafter, the duplicate copy of the application alongwith the export manifest will be filed in the transshipment section of the Air Cargo Complex and the Escort Officer will close the concerned entry in the transhipment register with full details.

Supdt. before nominating the escort officer will have to ensure that the aircraft is ready to take over the cargo and in any case the transshipment cargo will be taken over from A.A.I. only two hours before the actual departure of the aircraft. If for any reason the aircraft is unable to take over the transhipment cargo, the escort officer will again take back the cargo and hand over to the A.A.I.Under no circumstances will the cargo be handed over to the airlines.

In respect of cargo to be transshipped by road or by rail or by those other than the Airlines, the cargo has to be escorted by a Preventive Officer who will be nominated by the Superintendent. From the point of taking over the cargo from the A.A.I. till it is handed over either to the lorry booking office or to the railways or to the airlines as the case may be. In such situation the Importer or his authorised agent will execute a bond in duplicate on Rs.40/- stamp paper along with surety/security/bank guarantee as the Commissioner or the Assistant Commissioner may specify covering twice the assessable of the cargo proposed to be transshipped before the A.C.(Transshipment) undertaking to produce within 30 days a certificate from the jurisdictional Assistant Commissioner of Customs or Central Excise as the case may be, where the Importer’s premises is situated, to the effect that the transshipped goods have been received at their end. Thereafter the bond will be closed.


In respect of diplomatic mail bags/newspapers, human eyes and perishable cargo imported by one aircraft and sought to be immediately transshipped by another aircraft, the Export Freight Officer may permit such tarmac transshipments on a Kutcha Transshipment Application (filed in triplicate by the Airlines pending regularisation of the same on the following working day). The airlines will give details of packages, description of cargo, call sign of both the aircrafts, concerned Airway Bill Nos. in the transshipment application. Such tarmac transhipment will be allowed by Export Freight Officer without Assistant Commissioner’s prior orders only in respect of perishables, diplomatic mail bags as stated above. The Preventive Officer supervising the tarmac transshipment of such cargo will suitably endorse all the copies of the transshipment applications and four copies of incoming manifest to be produced by Airlines as already provided for. A register will also be maintained, indicating details of such tarmac transshipments allowed and also incorporating the name of the Officer who attended to this work. The original copy of the transshipment application with a copy of A.W.B. should be sent to the transshipment unit in the A.C.C. through transit book for regularisation. The duplicate copy of the transshipment application should be handed over to the concerned airlines representative to enable them to file the Export General Manifest enclosing the same. The triplicate copy of the Transshipment application will be retained in the Export Freight Officer’s office for further reference.


All export cargo emanating from other Airports of India and brought to the Gateway Airport of Madras for shipment outside India have to be handed over to the A.A.I.As soon as the aircraft lands, the representative of the airlines will approach the Superintendent (Transshipment) to nominate a Preventive Officer (P.O.) for escorting the packages from the point of landing to the A.A.I.The Airlines representative will have to furnish copies of Airway Bill No., copy of manifest to the Escort Officer. The P.O. will escort the packages alongwith the Airlines representative and will hand over the same to the A.A.I.Both the P.O. and A.A.I. will have to sign the copy of manifest in token of the goods having been handed over and taken over respectively.

Airlines who intend shipment of goods or export of goods emanating from other Indian ports and brought to the Gateway Port of Madras will file Transshipment Application in triplicate in the Transshipment wing of A.C.C.The transshipment applications will be scrutinised by the Superintendent of Customs attached to the transshipment unit and after obtaining the Assistant Commissioner’sapproval the duplicate and triplicate copies of transshipment applications will be handed over to the representative of the Airlines.

The Superintendent (Transshipment) will maintain a register in the Transshipment wing which will show the complete details of the export cargo to be transshipped.When the Airlines is ready to transship the cargo to the outgoing aircraft he will approach the Superintendent of Customs, Transshipment Unit, for posting an Escort Officer.The Superintendent. will nominate a P.O. under his jurisdiction who will take delivery of the cargo to be exported from the A.A.I.

Meanwhile the Airlines would prepare a pre-flight manifest and file two copies with the Escort Officer concerned.The Escort Officer after physical loading of cargo will endorse triplicate copy of the transshipment application evidencing placement of cargo on board.The person in-charge of the aircraft who receives the cargo will endorse the duplicate copy of the transshipment application in token of having received the cargo on board.One copy of the pre-flight manifest would then be handed over to the Airlines who will proceed to the S.D.O. at the Airport and obtain the E.G.M. No. and also file General Declaration to allow the Aircraft to take off.

In situation where the escorted cargo is not taken immediately on board the aircraft for any reasons, the cargo that has been taken delivery from the custody of A.A.I. will have to be escorted back and handed over to the A.A.I. and obtain an acknowledgement to that effect.

Normally the transshipment cargo will be taken delivery from the custody of the A.A.I. only 2 to 3 hours before the departure of the aircraft.


As regards cargo imported as ship spares for ships berthed at Madras Harbour, the same after examination by the dealing staff at A.C.C. will be escorted by the P.O. nominated for this purpose, from A.A.I.custody and place the same on board the vessel.He shall obtain from the Ship’s master an endorsement on the duplicate copy of the transshipment Application in token of the goods having been received on board.   The P.O. shall also endorse the transshipment application to the effect that the goods have been placed on board.

As regards cargo intended to be warehoused under Section 59 of the Customs Act,1962, at any of the public bonded warehouses, there again the goods have to be escorted by the P.O and deposited in the public bonded warehouses and obtain an endorsement from the warehouse keeper in token of having received the cargo, on the buff Bill of Entry.No transshipment application need be filed. Service charges will be collected as applicable.

In the case of aircraft spares and stores imported under bond by Airlines, this cargo also should be handed over to A.A.I and the above procedure will be followed, for their clearance under shipment.